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Water Damage Wall Repair Farmington

Water Damaged Drywall Repairs

Serving the Farmington Area Since 2004

As if having broken pipes or even a fire damage is not enough, sometimes the drywall in the affected areas will absorb standing water. The first sign of that is an obvious discoloration. Sometimes ceilings will begin to bow or blister when they fill with water. These problems need to be addressed professionally to prevent permanent damage and the creation of mold and mildew. We perform numerous water damage wall repairs for our water removal clients. 

Sadly, we also get a lot of calls to repair a job that someone attempted to do themselves -  water damaged drywall repairs that didn't turn out so great. While we recognize your interest in saving money, it is also important to consider the safety and quality issues associated with this type of repair and check with your insurance provider to see if they will reimburse your work at the same rate of a professional contractor. (These are all important things to consider BEFORE you do it yourself ). There is a lot more to consider in a water damage wall repair, like mold, mildew and bacteria. Call the Flood Doctor to complete the water damage repair and Restoration Process. 

Complete Water Repair
and Restoration Process

ASD certified and Odor Control certified

Complete Drying and Restoration Services

Thorough Structural Dry Down applications

Full Building Dry Down applications

Mold Remediation and Anti- Microbial growth 

Complete Odor control and Air Quality improvement

Water Damage Wall Repair Cortez CO


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