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Fire Damage Restoration 

Fire & Smoke Restoration Services


Flood and Fire Restoration Company

House Fire? Kitchen Fire? Smoke Damage? 

The Flood Doctor is a Fire Restoration Company in right here in Farmington. We know that Fire can and does cause extensive damage to your property.  Unfortunately, even those areas not touched by flames can be permeated with the odor of smoke. We at The Flood Doctor are fire restoration experts who specialize in soot removal and smoke damage on a regular basis.  In order to minimize the lasting effects of a fire to your home or business, it is imperative that you contact a company capable of working with you and for you. The Flood Doctor is available 24/7.  Call us now!


Our Fire Damage Cleanup process includes:

1.  Arrival on site within hours to respond to your needs

2.  Proper testing to give an accurate assessment and estimate

3.  Structural stabilization: Board up services secure the building

4.  Soot Removal & Cleaning of residue in a non-toxic manner

5.  Smoke Odor Removal -  Air purification and sanitation 

6. Content Recovery - personal possessions & household items

    removed for proper cleaning and restoration

7.  Dehumidifiers, water extractors and industrial-sized fans to

     effectively remove moisture caused by fire water damage

8.  Fire Damage Repair and Reconstruction that needs to occur

9.  Prevention of mold & mildew through proper use of disinfectants

Fire and Smoke Restoration Cortez, CO


“Thank you for your prompt response to a terrible situation. Your efforts were much appreciated.”


L. Stevens, Farmington NM

Fire Damage Cleanup 

The Flood Doctor is a Fire restoration company that specializes in Fire damage cleanup. We manage all aspects of Fire Damage Restoration, from Board up services, Content Recovery, Soot removal, Smoke odor removal and of course reconstruction and Fire damage repair. We even Board up windows. We arrive with state of the art equipment and techniques to help you restore your home to pre-fire condition. Get a fee quote today – we work with all major insurance carriers.

Board Up Services in Farmington NM

Before cleaning and restoration can occur, the damaged property should be boarded up. We Board up Windows first, because after a fire, the building structure is weakened, windows are broken, and the property is now attractive to vandals.  The Flood Doctor alleviates this situation as our dedicated workers board up the property and put in temporary fencing, which provides enough stability to recover needed personal items.

Fire Damage Repair & Reconstruction

It is not always easy to see structural damage.  The Flood Doctor has the advantage of state-of-the-art equipment including bore scopes, infrared cameras and moisture meters to give us a clearer picture of what needs to be repaired. If you have been given the assurance of the Fire Marshal that the property is now safe,  take care not to cause respiratory problems. Wear a mask! Be sure the electrical source has been inspected and declared safe before attempting to use it.  If at all possible, an outside power source is advisable.

Content Cleanup and Recovery

Any items that have been damaged by fire, smoke, soot and water but can be restored and salvaged will be separated from the remaining debris and contamination.  Those salvageable articles will be packed and removed to our facility where they will receive the close attention of our technicians, using the tools and equipment recommended most in the industry.  Ozone machines, thermal foggers, dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, negative air machines and generators enable us to restore air quality and return your property to its previous condition.

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