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A Water Damage Restoration Company 

Water Damage and Restoration Service

Serving the Farmington NM 
Area Since 2004


When your home or business is threatened by water damage or some form of flooding problem, call The Flood Doctor of Farmington NM. Our specially training water removal team will arrive to perform fast action and deliver the repair services you need. The Cortez Flood Doctor specializes in these services: 


Water Damage Repair and Restoration


Water Removal | Water Extraction


Odor Removal | Dehumidification


Large area drying techniques & equipment


Surface Drying | Cleansing Of Air


Decontamination | Sanitation | Disinfecting


Debris Removal | Crawl Space Cleanup


Sewage Cleanup | Fire Cleanup |Flooding Cleanup

Damaged Carpet Removal Farmington NM

Water Damage Wall Repair

These are just a few of the most common restoration services we have seen become necessary. Call the Flood Doctor for an evaluation today!

Water Extraction Cortez CO


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“Thanks again for your patience and thorough work. Your guys were focused and efficient. We appreciate you.”


Gina & Andrew, Flora Vista NM

We understand - we know how devastating and unsettling it is to have water damage clinging to your home or building. You may find comfort in the fact that the Flood Doctor of Farmington NM and his 'emergency response team' have many years of experience bringing homes and buildings back to their normal conditions quickly. We use the best equipment and state of the art technology to remove water, dry the affected area, eliminate mold growth and restore water damaged floors, water damaged walls and even fire damage restorations. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and speedy response times. WE CARE. 

The Flood Doctor and his team are available 24/7/365 in the event of a  water damage emergency or Fire Cleanup Services.  Our qualified water damage 'emergency response team' puts you at ease while we make our evaluation of the damage and prepare our reports for your insurance provider. When we are done with our evaluation, we begin the water removal process with our specialized tools. Shortly thereafter, we begin the drying and dehumidify process to prevent mold growth.

You can count on us to perform the necessary restoration services that your situation may call for such as water damage wall repairs, wet carpet water removal, flood cleanup, and even fire damage restoration. The Flood Doctor of Farmington NM reduces and eliminates the chances for mold to take a hold and begin growing. We know how important it is to prevent secondary damages to the affected area. Our professional emergency response team makes sure to restore your Cortez property to its former condition. It will look and smell like new when we are done...

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