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Water Damage Cleanup | Farmington NM

Water Damage Repair &  Restoration

Serving the Farmington NM Area Since 2004


Water Damage flows in from many sources, like failed pipes, laundry machines, water purification systems, refrigerators, dish washers, garbage disposals, showers and tubs (just to name a few). And sometimes the water comes from fire damage (fire trucks).  


If your home or building has a water issue, it is critical to find the source of the water, shut it off or stop it up and immediately remove the water. Time is a major player on the scene. Unfortunately, every minute matters. You want to avoid letting surface damage become structural damage. The impact of time can be significant. If your building is not restored properly after a fire or flood, surface water damage will result in structural damage. The most important aspect of proper restoration is the health and safety issues. Water damage can create many health problems that come from mold and bacteria in your living space - this is considered secondary damage.

Every situation is unique. Since damages can vary from mild to catastrophic, we have developed an extensive resource list to address ANY situation with quality and efficiency. The Farmington Flood Doctor specializes in these services: 


Water Damage Repair and Restoration


Farmington Water Removal | Water Extraction


Odor Removal Farmington NM


Dry-out | Personal Property Recovery


Surface Drying | Air Quality Improvement


Decontamination | Disinfecting & Sanitation


Crawl Space Cleanup | Debris Removal

Attic Mold Removal | Rodent Feces Cleanup


Flooding Cleanup |Sewage Cleanup | Fire Cleanup 

Water Damaged Carpet Removal Farmington

Water Damage Wall Repair Farmington

These are some of the most common service calls we have responded to. Don't hesitate to call the Flood Doctor for an evaluation today!




“I'm so glad you truly do come in the middle of the night. Our kitchen would have been way worse if you guys didn't show up at 12:45 am  like you did. I especially liked that you didn't come in with an attitude.”


L. Benalli, Farmington NM


Water Damage Cleanup Cortez CO

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