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A sewage spill or backup is one of the most unpleasant things a home or business owner can deal with. This type of water damage is commonly known as “black water” or by its industry term, category 3 water damage. Category 3 water damage cannot simply be mopped up; this is a serious health and safety hazard which must be addressed by trained professionals who know how to completely clean up all traces of sewage.

The Flood Doctor of Farmington offers comprehensive property cleanup services, including sewage cleanup, to meet all of your needs. If you are currently dealing with a sewage backup or similar crisis, avoid any and all contact with black water and call the Flood Doctors right away for sewage cleanup in Farmington.


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What to Do If You Have a Sewage Backup

The number one thing to keep in mind is your safety and the safety of anyone else inside the building. Never attempt to clean up a sewage spill or backup on your own; instead, contact the professionals at the Flood Doctor of Farmington. We often work with local plumbing contractors to address the source of the sewage backup so that you can rest assured that similar situations won’t occur again in the future. If your home or business has been damaged by category 3 water damage, or if you suspect that you are dealing with a black water problem, contact the Flood Doctors for fast sewage cleanup services in Farmington NM. We are available 24/7 for emergencies.

Is "BLACK WATER" or SEWAGE BACKUP considered Water Damage?

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According to the IICRC, there are three types of water damage. Water damage caused by sewage backups or spills typically falls into one of the two more serious categories.

The IICRC has outlined the various types of water damage as:

  • Category 1 Water Damage: This type of water damage poses the least amount of harm to humans. This is also referred to as “clean water.” Sources of category 1 water losses include supply line breaks, sink and tub overflows, appliance malfunctions, and pipe breaks. In these cases, most of the building materials can be successfully dried with no health issues for the property owner down the road.

  • Category 2 Water Damage: Also known as “grey water,” category 2 water damage poses significant risks to humans when they come in consistent contact with it or consume it. Examples of category 2 water damage include toilet overflow with urine (no feces), discharges from washing machines, and sump pump backups. In the case of a Category 2 water damage, drying may also necessitate the removal of some materials and will require disinfecting when complete to eliminate any health concerns.

  • Category 3 Water Damage: This is referred to as “black water,” and is the most serious type of water damage. Category 3 water damage includes sewage, rising flood waters, seawater, and river or ground water. When category 3 water damage occurs, materials must be removed and, after drying, there will be significant steps of disinfecting required to eliminate health concerns.

As you can see, sewage backups are very serious and proper steps must be taken to ensure that the property is safe after visible sewage has been removed. Our team knows how to take these steps and we utilize advanced, state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology to quickly and effectively clean up all sewage, sanitize your property, and ensure your health and safety.

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