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Emergency Water Removal | Flood Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration is an emergency situation most of the time, so the Flood Doctor and his water removal team are licensed, fully insured, and ready to handle a variety of water mitigation projects in Farmington NM, Aztec or Kirtland (and anywhere in between). Water damage that is caused by broken pipes, flood or fire trucks can be very overwhelming. We know you need us immediately... that is why:

We are an ON CALL 24 hour Emergency Water Restoration company.

Call us now. Don’t wait – we understand! 

In most cases, we arrive on site within two to four hours with our trained restoration technicians. We use advanced procedures and equipment to deliver the highest quality cleaning performance and protection.


We make your safety, personal property & furnishings our business. 

We bring the best equipment to your disaster, to make flood damage cleanup go fast. Your Water Damage Wall Repair needs will be met swiftly and professionally.


It's not just our knowledge and experience with emergency water cleanup, it is our caring project managers that reduce our clients' stress and put them at ease. Action is what you need, so we focus on immediate response because we understand that every minute that water stands inside the home just adds to the damage. Our team is fully trained for water mitigation. We are committed to continuing education on the latest safety techniques, tools, and effective methods to treat water damage. You the Homeowner don’t need to worry about mold, or toxins in your homes, the Flood Doctor and his team are a licensed, fully insured, and ready to handle a variety of water mitigation projects.

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Fire Water Restoration

We understand. Fire damage is devastating on many levels. We recognize your need to have a professional team come in to assess what needs to be done and prepare a strategy to safely begin the restoration of your home or building. 

We work cooperatively with insurance adjusters and their processes to provide all of the necessary reports needed to assist in the filing of your claim. We take your loss seriously.

We help to expedite your claim process so the restoration can begin. The Flood Doctor of Farmington works diligently to restore your home to its pre-fire condition so your life can get back to normal as soon as possible. 

What steps can the Home Owner take to help in the water damage restoration process?

There are 4 actions you can take right now...


Turn off the main water supply to your home. Look in your basement, utility room or on an outside wall of the home or building. This will stop the flow of water coming into the building if it is coming in by way of pipes or appliances in your home.


Locate the source of your leak. The best place to start is at the home of your appliances. Some of the most common appliances are water heaters, dishwashers, refrigerators with ice makers, clothes washers, garbage disposals, water purifiers, toilets and showers or tubs. If the flood water came from a fire truck, you won't need to locate the source.


Contact your insurance provider right away to let them know what has happened and what you are doing about it so they can guide you through the claim process and assist you with the coverages that your policy provides. 


Choose a professional water damage restoration company in Farmington ( you found us! ). The water removal and dry out work needs to begin immediately to minimize any further damage that time and water can create. Your insurance company will be pleased that you hired a professional contractor (the Flood Doctor ) who is licensed and certified to perform water damage restoration and mold remediation. Water Damage can lead to mold almost immediately, that is why you need to protect your family from microbial growth with swift action. 

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